Hi - this is my website! It's under construction and really doesn't look that great yet but I'm having a fun time forcing myself to learn HTML.

I'm an artist so I hope to eventually have my art and projects up on here but, until then, feel free to peep my socials box below!

It's not fully done or posted yet but you can check out the synopsis and characters by clicking the gif below or text above! I will update that page with my progress as I work on my comic so you can see my suffering in real time!

It's a short story about a college student who decides she wants more out of life beyond the mediocrity she grew comfortable living in; She finds herself lost in a world of secrets and lies the further she investigates the past of the university she attends and, seeking power and recognition, uncovers a god that may not even be real.


  • Set up journal page
  • Finish decorating webcomic page
  • Set up DREAM journal
  • new guestbook
  • fix my broken about page (sigh)

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